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Touhoun is a small town with huge problems, a delapidated hospital, poor environment and with girls still having to fetch water from a dirty river 3 miles away, 3 or 4 times a day.

There is a orphange for girls run by Catholic nuns who teach them sewing, weaving etc. before they leave to marry around the age of 15.

The Trust has installed two wells in the town, one in the orphanage and one to supply the town and the hospital.

The orphanage now has running water and the girls will soon be put to work in the hospital, becoming auxiliaries, nurses and cleaners – the ideal solution to a shortage of trained staff and giving the girls a profession.



Imagine the dirtiest water you have ever seen, then add a few tadpoles, faeces, a few water borne diseases and you might be getting somewhere near the type of water that these people drink from the only source for miles around.

This is a wonderful project which will provide clean drinking water for thousands of residents in this deprived part of Togo.

Diseased free water will save 1000's of lives and bring new hope to the people of Kpadape..



Volunteers have offered their services from all walks of life, and one of the best offers we have received is from the REME Territorial Army based in Newton Aycliffe.

They would like something to get their teeth into, and we have asked them to consider a project in Ghana.

There is a need for a water hole to be drilled and plumbed to a nearby hospital; a waste incinerator to be built in the same grounds and also a kindergarten for the children.

The plan is for the T.A. to choose a project and send out a detachment of soldiers to complete this goodwill mission.


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